Terry Wogan, who died back in 2016, was one of the most popular radio broadcasters of all time.  During his many years as a radio and TV broadcaster, people would often speak of him as if they knew him personally, which was quite an achievement given his breakfast show had around 8 million listeners each morning.

What shone through to me though was his ability to connect so strongly with people he had never actually met.  How did he achieve this?  His advice was:

“Remember, you’re not talking to ‘an audience’, you’re talking to one person”

Every one of us as presenters can learn from this advice.  When we speak in public, if we can imagine we are ‘talking to one person’ (even if there are thousands of individuals) it completely transforms the intimacy and rapport we create with our audience.

Next time you speak to a large group, consider what adjustments Terry Wogan might make to your delivery to create the feeling that you are having an intimate chat rather than being the ‘sage on the stage’.  It will make you far more engaging.


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