If you dread standing up in front of a group of people and delivering a presentation, you’re by no means alone. Almost everyone feels some level of nerves when they are in the spotlight like this and many people feel considerable fear.

If you’re not careful, your wariness of giving talks could hinder your professional and personal lives, and raise your stress levels. To combat this, you can make the most of presentation training courses.

Biggest fears

Writing on the subject of the fear of public speaking on Business 2 Community recently, Lisa Swan said: “There’s an old piece of advice regarding public speaking – those onstage should get over their nervousness by imagining the audience naked. But unfortunately, many would-be public speakers are the ones who really end up feeling exposed.

“Being afraid of public speaking is one of the biggest fears people have. Some people who have no fear about blathering on and on to their friends suddenly clam up when scheduled to say a few words in public.”

Afraid of making a mistake

According to another writer, one of the reasons why people are often averse to giving presentations is because they are worried they will make a mistake.

About this, she remarked: “People are terrified of making some sort of mistake, whether it be saying the wrong word or phrase, stumbling over their words, or even cursing without realising it until it is too late. They also get nervous and worry they will have some pregnant pause where they can’t remember what to say next, and flop onstage.”

Errors like this can put speakers off and prevent them from getting through their material.

Going viral

Another factor that may serve to increase people’s anxiety concerns the phenomenon of internet uploads.

Lisa Swan remarked: “It used to be that most mistakes a public speaker could make would easily be forgotten, as long as the speaker handled it with aplomb. These days, though, with phone video cameras everywhere, a person making a bad mistake speaking could be filmed and end up becoming a viral sensation, with thousands or even millions sharing their humiliation.”

The sound of your own voice

Some individuals are deterred from getting up and speaking in front of audiences because they don’t like the sound of their own voices, the writer went on to suggest.

She stated: “A cliché about those who like to talk a lot is that they love the sound of their own voice. Well, many would-be public speakers don’t like the sound of their own voices. Or they may like the way they sound in normal conversation, but they speak too fast or too slow when speaking in public, or too loudly or too softly.”

Taking action

Rather than letting your fears continue to have a negative impact on your life, it might be time to take action. To find out about our presentation courses Manchester and presentation skills courses Chester, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.

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