If you had to pay to give presentations (like ad space), would you be satisfied with your Return On Investment?

I spend a lot of my time sitting in presentations and one thing I notice again and again is how little thought goes in to ‘crafting’ a good message that delivers a clear call to action.

It’s as if our measure of success for giving a presentation is that we filled the time, delivered our slides and (for nervous presenters) …we didn’t die!

But imagine how it would be if we had the same approach to our advertising.

Imagine if you had an ad agency who gave you a long, rambling, dull advert which simply filled the page or 30 seconds TV/radio slot.   Would you be happy?  Would you consider it a good result, because they filled the space.

Because this is what we are often doing when we present.  We fill the time and consider the job done.

My challenge to you is to set the bar higher.  Next time you have a presentation to make, think about what you want the audience to do as a result.  Be clear on your message – keep it to the simplest message possible – and tell your audience how this affects them  (and what they can do about it after your talk).

Don’t just deliver boring bullet points on your slides, bring your slides to life.  Set yourself the challenge of having no bullet points – just headlines that make a point and interesting visuals that illustrate your point (charts, pictures, cartoons… whatever works best to make an impact for your headline). I guarantee you will get better results.

Your audience will thank you for it… because none of us want to sit through rambling, boring time-fillers.  Your audience is  just being polite by facing the front for so long (they learnt how to do it at school!), but mentally they turned the page.

Have a go…  Think about a presentation you have coming up (or even one you have already delivered).  Ask yourself:

1. What is my core message?  If I only had a minute to speak, what would I want the audience to know or do?

2. Who is my audience?  Where are they now?  Where do they want to be?  How can my message help them get there?

3. What can I present that will really bring this message to life and have the most impact on them?  (think props, pictures, audience involvement – NOT bullet points on endless slides).

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