‘You’ is one of the most persuasive words in the English language and no one understands this more than Barack Obama.

As one delegate at a rally commented “I just never heard anybody speak like him before… it’s like he’s talking to you and not a crowd”.

Early in his campaign for presidency the New Yorker magazine did a piece about his campaign strategy: 

Obama now tries to make a more personal connection with his voters.  In the past he has been accused of making his campaign more about himself than about those who come to his rallies.  Now the word YOU is mentioned as much as the word I. 

He has learnt the power of ‘you’ in really connecting with his audience… and so can you.

The secret for you is to involve your audiences by finding as many opportunities as you can to incorporate ‘you’ whenever you stand up to present.

This will change how you phrase things and also encourage you to ask more questions of your audience.  Most importantly though, it will keep the focus on your audience when you prepare what you plan to say.  It will help you to give a presentation that answers the most fundamental question for your audience as you speak: ‘What’s In It For You?’

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