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Learn to overcome your fear or dislike of speaking in public with our Public Speaking Courses

Public Speaking Courses in Liverpool and across the North West and the UK. We all know how powerful it is when people stand up and speak in public with confidence. That is what I help my clients to achieve – to be able to stand up, anytime, and give a confident presentation or speech that gets their message across with impact.

Depending on your specific public speaking needs, I can help you in creating good content, preparing well for your speech or presentation and give you the skills to learn your words and deliver with impact and fluency on the day.

Having worked with hundreds of individuals and organisations in the Liverpool area helping people to overcome their fear or dislike of speaking in public and mastering their skill as a confident speaker.

I provide public speaking courses and face-to-face coaching which can take place at your premises if you are in the Liverpool area or at our presentations skills training facility on the Wirral.

Call me on 07788 922722 or email [email protected] to arrange an initial chat to tell me more about your presentation or public speaking needs and what specific help you want from me.

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“Caroline’s course is quite simply superb. From the minute I started she demonstrated an understanding of exactly what was required. The sessions were enjoyable and I have a skill which I can use again and again to gain more business. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of business and people makes her good at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline.”

Gillian Hunt, Managing Director, Escata


My Story

Public Speaking as a Pet Hate

For many years I was managing director of a PR agency and found it very stressful whenever I had to stand up and speak in public as I would get nervous and it felt so uncomfortable.  I can really relate to anyone who dislikes public speaking as it was my own pet hate. So I decided to learn to conquer my fear of presenting and I studied, read extensively, went on many courses and learnt from some of the best presenters in the world.

Today I Speak Without Fear

Today, I  to speak in public without fear and not only that… I enjoy it.  Speaking brings me the opportunity to stand up and really connect with a group of people and earn their trust.  Most times I will still feel a bit nervous before standing up to address an audience but it is more a feeling of excitement than anxiety and I am confident because I know what I am doing.

I’ve Even Written a Book

Public speaking is a highly effective way to promote my business. It gets my message across with authority.  You can now read about how to be a better presenter in my book ‘Help! I’ve Got A Presentation Coming Up’ based on my coaching experience.

I think I have the best job in the world as a public speaking coach as I am able to help people to master the skills they need to unlock so many business and career opportunities… and I understand that it doesn’t come naturally to most people, but doesn’t take long to learn to do it well given the right support.

Call me on 01925 393155 or email [email protected] to arrange an initial chat to tell me more about your presentation or public speaking needs and what specific help you want from me.

There is no ‘secret formula’, but I will be sharing with you the key steps to preparing and speaking more confidently and – most importantly – you will be applying all of this to your own presentation or speech as we go through.

By the end of the coaching programme, you will have a talk you are proud of and the confidence to go out and deliver it.  What’s more, you will be able to apply these skills and planning templates whenever you need to create a speech or presentation (or even prepare for meetings) in the future. I offer public speaking courses in Liverpool & Manchester or via Zoom.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of this course.  It was really, really good, very well delivered and has certainly helped me as a presenter”

Mike Grundy, Finance Director, Roy Castle Foundation

Does this sound familiar? Are you guilty of the following

  • Avoid opportunities to stand up and present because you don’t enjoy doing it
  • Watch confident speakers and envy their ability
  • Believe that good speakers are born that way and you wish you had ‘the gift’
  • Take ages preparing but still don’t feel confident on the day
  • Spend hours/days before a presentation churned up with looming dread
  • You want to take your skill to a higher level so that you get great results from giving presentations

Call me on 07788 922722 or email [email protected] to arrange an initial chat to tell me more about your presentation or public speaking needs and what specific help you want from me.

Best wishes


Caroline Hopkins

P.S. Don’t put this off. This is a skill you will keep forever!

“This has been an excellent course, one I would thoroughly recommend – I have really learnt a lot… thank you”
Jane Collingwood, Volunteer Manager, Claire House

What do other people think?

I would highly recommend Caroline.  Following my board presentation, I was then asked to present to other company heads on my subject title and I have not doubt that this was down to the delivery style Caroline and I worked on.

Mark Timmins
Travelodge Hotels Ltd

Caroline is outstanding – simple as that.  A real empathy and intelligence in her approach that made her a real hit with our team.  She’s focused, committed and brings a lot more to the table than her core expertise.  Would be delighted to commend her to anyone.

Dougal Paver, Owner
Paver Smith LLP

Caroline’s coaching equipped us with the skills that gave us the confidence to deliver a strong and winning presentation.

Dr Andrew Lee, GP Senior Partner
Townfield Health Centre

A fantastic day that has helped me get over my nerves, which I feel will benefit me not just when presenting but also in day-to-day life

Dom Byrne

I would highly recommend this workshop – it is the best training I have done

Fiona Ridgway, Marketing Manager
R1 Creative

Caroline is passionate and knowledgeable – a very good training session!

Anthony Salisbury

Thanks to the awesome Caroline Hopkins for helping me do away with the terror of public speaking and giving me the knowledge and confidence to do more of it. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile day

Hems de Winter
deWinter PR

A very well presented and engaging workshop which made everyone feel at ease. This enabled us to improve in a supportive environment. Caroline is an excellent presenter. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to others

Philip Millson
Millson Associates Ltd

I will use at least 2-3 of the tools I have learnt today in my everyday life – and definitely to prepare my next presentation.

Phil Uber
Getrag Ford

The ‘fear’ of a whole day at a presentation workshop was quite daunting. However, it was fun, informative, lots of useful tips, techniques and by the time we had all presented we had taken on board and were demonstrating what we had learnt. Anyone needing to present should attend this course. The fears have been erased!

Cath Stewart, Community Philanthropy Manager
Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside

A very helpful and informative course. Helps you deliver a presentation in a simple, structured format. Most appreciated.

Nick Horton

I really enjoyed this presentation workshop. A very positive session and Caroline taught me techniques that I will definitely use in the future. Thank you!

Ben Taylor
Fatsoma Ltd
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