There is a very simple formula to become a great presenter:


C = K + E

(C) Confidence = (K) Knowledge (knowing what to do) plus (E) Experience (practice)

Knowledge by itself will not work until you apply it.  Experience by itself will not automatically give you confidence or competence as a presenter.  You may simply live through the same nightmare every time you stand up to present.

Many poor presenters have a lot of Experience, but still don’t have the knowledge about what will engage their audience.

Many presentation skills courses and training is wasted because people don’t apply their learning.  They just have Knowledge.  So you need both: knowledge and experience.


What often stops people is fear.

People often avoid learning to present well because they have a mental block that it is something they can’t do.  They are not a ‘natural’ like so many other presenters they meet, who do it effortlessly well.

This is simply not true.  Most ‘naturals’ have learnt to do this.  They have learnt through starting with knowledge about how to engage, involve and manage their audience as a presenter and then they apply the knowledge.  Their first attempts are usually not great, but within a short time they can do it well.

So don’t let fear or the belief that you are not a natural hold you back – because you can learn to do this very well, in a fairly short period of time with a bit of practice.  And then it is a skill you will keep forever.  Like all the other ‘naturals’.


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