“Presentation is the killer skill we take into the real world.  It gives us an almost unfair advantage”

This quote, taken from the McKinsey Mind, has never been more relevant, especially if we are serious about achieving our business aims, our career goals and building our personal confidence.

There are some great presenters out there, giving killer presentations… but some are badly misfiring.

People talk of ‘death by powerpoint’ – but sit through a really dull presentation and death starts to become an appealing option.


But why?  Why are people still giving poor presentations?

I think it comes down to 3 ‘N’s:



                      Nuff time  

 (if the ‘3 R’s have been allowed to get away with ‘wRiting’ for so long, I plead the same right to abuse phonetics).

Nerves create 2 kinds of ineffective presenter: those people whose presentations are affected by nerves (and this group has my greatest sympathy, as a former nervous wreck on the podium); and those people whose absence of nerves causes them to think they are good presenters who don’t need to improve (and these are often the really dull presentations).

Knowledge is the absolute key though.  Knowledge can help you to understand exactly how to create interesting content, how to practice so you know your stuff and how to deliver with impact and charisma.  Knowledge also can solve the issue of having ‘nuff time – because when you know how to prepare well, where to go for good visuals and props, how to create a simple structure to your talk, then you will be able to do it all far more quickly.

Knowledge is also the starting point for confidence.  When we have knowledge and start to layer on experience, we set an upward spiral of confidence in motion: we learn – we apply our learning (by presenting) – we survive the experience and decide to have another go – we present again – we learn more with each presentation – our confidence soars.

So, the secret for you is to get the knowledge first.  The rest (managing nerves and time) will be resolved when you have knowledge.

Which means you can start to develop your unfair advantage… your killer skill… your love of presenting.

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