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Presentation mastery workshop in NW England

In just one day you will become a far more interesting and confident presenter

A Love Presenting Course

Do you love presenting?  If not, we can help you. Our one-day workshop at Daresbury, near Warrington (see map), will help you master the skills of presenting with confidence, impact and engage your audience each time you present.


Who is it for?

How many opportunities are you missing out on to grow your business or promote yourself because you avoid giving presentations or don’t present very well?  From senior directors to junior executives, if you struggle to present with confidence or fail to win pitches or tender bids because of your presentation, then this is the perfect workshop for you.

This is your opportunity to learn how to get great results and feel confident whenever you give a presentation, whether it is to win business, win respect or win applause. In just one day.

Spend one day learning speaking and presentation skills you will have forever

  • eliminating the stress, fear or dread of standing up in front of others and speaking
  • creating powerful content that immediately engages and maintains the interest of your audience
  • brainstorming ideas to add punch to your presentation and greater impact to your message
  • learning and rehearsing your presentation and getting valuable feedback to enhance your delivery
  • creating powerful visuals and slides that synchronise with your talk and add interest
  • knowing how to manage and control your nerves to give your best performance on the day

3D_bookEach delegate will receive a copy of Caroline’s latest book ‘Help! I’ve Got A Presentation Coming Up!’ – so you can refer to the tips and examples in an easy reference format long after your training.

One-day workshop dates for 2018/19

14th November 2018only 2 places left
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28th February 2019booking now open
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The one-day workshop will be held at our Daresbury training centre, just off M56 near Warrington.

The Innovation Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Cheshire, WA4 4FS View map

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Book your place now for 

14th November 2018 – only 2 places remaining

£390 +vat 

Or contact us by email caroline@lovepresenting.com or phone 01925 393155 if you have any questions

What do other people think?

“Caroline’s course is quite simply superb. From the minute I arrived she demonstrated an understanding of exactly what was required. The sessions were enjoyable and I left with a skill which I can use again and again to gain more business. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of business and people makes her good at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline.”
Gillian Hunt, Managing Director, Escata
“Caroline is approachable, professional and instantly makes you feel at ease.  From starting the course as a nervous presenter, I now feel confident to deliver effective presentations to my corporate clients.  I would highly recommend this workshop – it is the best training I have done”
Fiona Ridgway, Marketing Manager, R1 Creative
Excellent workshop.  Caroline was really attentive and gave us lots of good tips.  I am going to recommend that every engineer in our company does this course
Mahendra Rama, Senior Engineer, Getrag Ford
“An excellent workshop with a good balance of theory and practical skills to improve presentations.  Caroline is a great facilitator who makes the day fun and uses great insights”
Peter Smith, Liverpool Vision

Does this sound familiar?
  • you avoid opportunities to stand up and present because you don’t enjoy doing it
  • you watch confident presenters and envy their ability
  • you believe that good speakers are born that way and you wish you had ‘the gift’
  • you take ages preparing but still don’t feel confident on the day
  • you spend hours/days before a presentation churned up with looming dread

Caroline Hopkins - Love PresentingMy experience…

For many years I ran a PR agency and found it very stressful whenever I had to stand up and speak in public as I would get nervous and it felt so uncomfortable.  I can really relate to anyone who dislikes presenting as it was my own pet hate.  But I decided to learn to conquer my fear of presenting and I studied, read extensively, went on many courses and learnt from some of the best presenters in the world.

Today, I am able to present without fear and not only that… I enjoy it.  I love the opportunities it brings me to stand up and really connect with a group of people and earn their trust.  I still feel a bit nervous before standing up to address an audience but it is more a feeling of excitement than anxiety and I am confident that I will be fine once I get started.  As with many things, ‘the more you do it, the better you get’ and the more competent you become, the more you want to present.  I have learnt to do this… and so can you!

Book your place now for 

14th November 2018

only 2 places remaining

£390 +vat 

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