Presentation Skills Training Manchester

Manchester based executives can now train with the Professional Speaking Association Regional 'Speaker Factor' winner

There is no need to fear or dislike giving presentations. I will help you plan, prepare and give presentations with far more confidence and enthusiasm – so you engage your audience and get the results you want.

From our training facility just off the M56 near Warrington, we will work together on your presentation, your confidence (or nerves) and your delivery. By the end of the session, you will be able to stand up and deliver a powerful presentation that is far better than you have ever presented before.

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Make sure you avoid some of the common pitfalls that come up.

  • you spend ages on preparing your content because you don’t have a process to save time
  • you don’t get the results you want from your presentations
  • your nerves affect your presentation because you haven’t learnt how to overcome them
  • you feel stressed about the idea of having something interesting to say
  • you are worried that you will look bad if it all goes wrong on the day
  • you feel overwhelmed at the thought of remembering what you plan to say
  • your slides are dull and fail to engage your audience
  • you don’t have positive memories of previous attempts at presenting

Caroline offers presentation skills training manchester and across the UK. As an E-certified presenter Caroline delivers the majority of her training online and via Zoom. Book a free discovery call with Caroline here.

If you think you could be making one or more of these mistakes, and you would like to learn how professional speakers plan and prepare their presentations, then get in touch by email [email protected] or phone 07788 922722 to discuss your needs.

I look forward to speaking again soon.

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What do other people think?

Caroline is passionate and knowledgeable – a very good training session!

Anthony Salisbury

I really enjoyed this presentation workshop. A very positive session and Caroline taught me techniques that I will definitely use in the future. Thank you!

Ben Taylor
Fatsoma Ltd

A fantastic day that has helped me get over my nerves, which I feel will benefit me not just when presenting but also in day-to-day life

Dom Byrne

Caroline is outstanding – simple as that.  A real empathy and intelligence in her approach that made her a real hit with our team.  She’s focused, committed and brings a lot more to the table than her core expertise.  Would be delighted to commend her to anyone.

Dougal Paver, Owner
Paver Smith LLP

Caroline’s coaching equipped us with the skills that gave us the confidence to deliver a strong and winning presentation.

Dr Andrew Lee, GP Senior Partner
Townfield Health Centre

I will use at least 2-3 of the tools I have learnt today in my everyday life – and definitely to prepare my next presentation.

Phil Uber
Getrag Ford

A very helpful and informative course. Helps you deliver a presentation in a simple, structured format. Most appreciated.

Nick Horton

I would highly recommend this workshop – it is the best training I have done

Fiona Ridgway, Marketing Manager
R1 Creative

The ‘fear’ of a whole day at a presentation workshop was quite daunting. However, it was fun, informative, lots of useful tips, techniques and by the time we had all presented we had taken on board and were demonstrating what we had learnt. Anyone needing to present should attend this course. The fears have been erased!

Cath Stewart, Community Philanthropy Manager
Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside

Thanks to the awesome Caroline Hopkins for helping me do away with the terror of public speaking and giving me the knowledge and confidence to do more of it. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile day

Hems de Winter
deWinter PR

I would highly recommend Caroline.  Following my board presentation, I was then asked to present to other company heads on my subject title and I have not doubt that this was down to the delivery style Caroline and I worked on.

Mark Timmins
Travelodge Hotels Ltd

A very well presented and engaging workshop which made everyone feel at ease. This enabled us to improve in a supportive environment. Caroline is an excellent presenter. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to others

Philip Millson
Millson Associates Ltd
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