Presentation Mastery Online Programme

"the ultimate programme for online presenting skills"

Presenting online is our new ‘normal’.  Whether it is a zoom meeting, a new business pitch or a conference keynote, we have all moved online to give our presentations.

The Presentation Mastery Online Programme will take your levels of confidence to new heights in getting the results you want from your online presenting.

The comprehensive programme is for business executives, senior leaders and managers who need to sell their services or their ideas; engage their team or speak at events – from keynote speeches to team briefings – knowing they can inspire, inform and interest people online or face-to-face.

The programme combines group sessions with private coaching over a period of three months – by the end of which time you will have applied your skills and gained confidence as a speaker by stretching your experience to those kind of events that currently feel outside your comfort zone.

Caroline Hopkins is an award-winning presentations coach who has helped hundreds of people from senior Organisational Chiefs to Princes Trust apprentices to transform their presentation skills and develop their online presence.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you will be able to deliver an engaging talk – both online and in person.  You will have the tools and confidence to be able to:

  • engage an audience whenever you present online

  • understand how to make content really interesting

  • transform your adrenaline to work for you rather than against you

  • have a strategy to prepare great content really quickly

  • know how to prepare brilliant slides that add interest

  • transform your presence online by enhancing your lighting, sound, and look



Pre-workshop Audit

You will complete a very short online pre-programme audit to give us an idea of your specific areas of concern when it comes to presenting and what you most want to get from the Programme. If required, we can also have a brief chat by phone to discuss your learning outcomes for the day so that we can be confident of addressing your specific needs.


Group Workshop (Max 8 people)

Our first session is a group zoom workshop (max 8 delegates) over a morning (9.30-1.00pm).  We cover all the key skills that the best presenters use to engage people online and in person.  You will also learn a powerful process to be able to create content quickly that will be interesting for your audience.
The group workshop is highly interactive and you will have the opportunity to engage with the other delegates to start to support each other as you develop your online presenting skills.
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1-1 Coaching (1 week later)

Session 2 is a 30 minute private online coaching session with Caroline to support you as you apply the theory you have covered in Session 1 – to create a presentation that you will use for Session 3.
Using the ‘Content Outline’ template we will work together to make sure you have a structure in place that you are confident to work-up into an engaging online presentation.
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Group Presentations (2 weeks later)

In Session 3, we come back together online as a small group to deliver your presentations online and give feedback on each presentation.
This session provides a great opportunity to put all your skills into practice, but also to learn from watching other people’s presentations.  The feedback from these sessions can really help you to take your skills to the next level of mastery.
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Follow-up Coaching (over 3 months)

The follow-up coaching support helps you apply your learning over a 3 month period to grow your confidence as you stretch your comfort zone as an online and face-to-face presenter.
During the follow-up phase, you will have access to Caroline Hopkins as your coach and mentor to support you as you apply your skills by giving presentations as often as you can, based on the Action Plan you have created in the Presentation Mastery Online workshop.
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What We Will Cover?

  • Transforming Your Online Presentations
  • Managing nerves and creating a confident state
  • How to create win-win presentations for your audience or clients
  • How to create ideas for content that will engage people be memorable online and in person
  • The power of 3 in presenting: how to structure your presentation
  • Powerful opening and closing in presenting
  • Delivery skills – how to develop rapport whether its on screen or face to face

  • The importance of verbal and non-verbal skills in presenting online
  • Using Zoom tools to make it interactive
  • The 5Ps of verbal communication
  • Putting it all together: using the process to create your presentation for  Session 3
  • 1-1 online coaching session with Caroline
  • Presentations to the group with feedback
  • Follow-up coaching to support your Action Plan over 3 months.

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  • eliminating the stress, fear or dread of presenting online and in person
  • creating powerful content that immediately engages and maintains the interest of your audience
  • brainstorming ideas to add punch to your presentation and greater impact to your message
  • learning and rehearsing your presentation and getting valuable feedback to enhance your delivery
  • creating powerful visuals and slides that synchronise with your talk and add interest
  • knowing how to manage and control your nerves to give your best performance on the day
  • apply your skills straight away with Caroline Hopkins to mentor you for 3 months

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Course Dates for 2021

All dates to be confirmed.  Contact us here to register your interest in the next programme.

What do other people think?

“Caroline’s course is quite simply superb. From the minute I arrived she demonstrated an understanding of exactly what was required. The sessions were enjoyable and I left with a skill which I can use again and again to gain more business. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of business and people makes her good at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline.”

Gillian Hunt, Managing Director

One of the best workshops I’ve been on.  Lots to take away.  Excellent!

Ian Moore, Commercial Analyst
Chester Zoo

I will use at least 2-3 of the tools I have learnt today in my everyday life – and definitely to prepare my next presentation.

Phil Uber
Getrag Ford

I would highly recommend this workshop – it is the best training I have done

Fiona Ridgway, Marketing Manager
R1 Creative

Caroline is passionate and knowledgeable – a very good training session!

Anthony Salisbury

A great opportunity to reflect, learn and put into practice some simple to follow techniques.  I deliver a lot of presentations and this course has really help me sharpen up and improve my impact.

Ian Rippin, Managing Director

A very well presented and engaging workshop which made everyone feel at ease. This enabled us to improve in a supportive environment. Caroline is an excellent presenter. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to others

Philip Millson
Millson Associates Ltd

“This course was excellent!!!  I have attended other presentation courses (many years ago!) but none was as good as this one..."”

Mike Lees
EA Technology

Before coming on this course, I would avoid presentations.  Now I have the confidence to plan and deliver a presentation.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.

Andrea Bailey

A fantastic day that has helped me get over my nerves, which I feel will benefit me not just when presenting but also in day-to-day life

Dom Byrne

The ‘fear’ of a whole day at a presentation workshop was quite daunting. However, it was fun, informative, lots of useful tips, techniques and by the time we had all presented we had taken on board and were demonstrating what we had learnt. Anyone needing to present should attend this course. The fears have been erased!

Cath Stewart, Community Philanthropy Manager
Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside

I wish I had been on this course 15 years ago and saved myself a lot of pain.

Nigel Bennett, Managing Director,

In-House Presentation Mastery Programmes

For small groups (up to 8 people) we can also offer the Presentation Mastery in-house. Please contact us to find out more…

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Online 1-1 Coaching

You may prefer to have 1-1 coaching – particularly if you have an important presentation coming up that you want to work on with Caroline. Sessions take around 2 hours – and most people choose to have two sessions: one to work on the content; and the second session to focus on confident delivery so that you are comfortable with your presentation on the day. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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