5 Tips for presenting at short notice.

If you have to give a presentation at short notice the following tips will help you:

1. Don’t Panic! (but do prepare).

The essential preparation you absolutely need to do to be able to present well (even at short notice) is:

  • create a simple structure based on your key messages which is easy to remember
  • familiarise yourself with your words, stories and flow
  • check you have all the details you need (time and place, timing for your slot, audio/visual support requirements, other speakers, audience profile)

2. Focus on your outcome.

Why are you doing this?  What will a good result be for you and the audience?  Why are you excited about what you will be presenting?  What makes you feel passionate about this subject or message?

When you start to feel apprehension, remind yourself of the outcome you want to create by giving this presentation, for you and your audience.  How will listening to you benefit them?  What can you share that will make a positive difference to their lives?

3. Keep it Simple.

Your audience will be grateful if you keep it short, simple and relevant to them.  You need to decide on your central message, 3 key points that support your message and a powerful opening and close.  Simple.  Easy to learn, easy to remember (for you and the audience).

4. Make it Memorable 

You can add interest to your simple structure through examples and stories that demonstrate your message in action, statistics or facts which add credibility, and memorable props that will help people to remember your message.

5. Manage your State

Before your presentation, you need to get in the right mental state and feel energised about your opportunity to stand up and speak.

Challenge any negative thoughts you are having by finding corresponding thoughts that are more resourceful for you to be thinking and set up a good experience.  For each negative thought, ask yourself ‘What is the more positive thought that I could focus on (that could also happen)?’.  Thinking about what you want to happen is more likely to reassure you and set you up for a good experience than focusing on undesirable outcomes.

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