Sticky content – the foundation of great presenting…

Many people believe that their nerves prevent them from presenting well.  One question I sometimes ask my clients is “how would you be different as a presenter if you could guarantee you wouldn’t be nervous?”  You would be calm, but would you be interesting or memorable?  What would make you sticky?

In their fantastic book, ‘Made to Stick’, Chip and Dan Heath identify the 6 factors that make ideas (and presentation messages) ‘sticky’, which means they are understandable, memorable and effective in changing an audience’s thoughts or behaviour. The 6 guiding principles are based on SUCCES:

Simple – based on a clear core message
Unexpected – to get and hold the audience’s attention
Concrete – so that people will understand and remember
Credible – to help people believe the message
Emotional – so that people care and will fully engage with the message
Stories – use stories to encourage, inspire and direct action

In my experience, interesting content trumps good delivery every time. If the message is clear, relevant and most important of all – I understand the benefit to me by listening – the delivery can be second-rate and the presentation will still achieve good results.

Obviously, the ideal is to have great content AND great delivery but so often people neglect the quality of their content because they are fixated on their performance in delivering it well.

Another advantage of creating powerful content is that you are far more likely to feel excited about telling your audience. (I try to get my clients to get to the point where they are so excited about their message that they can’t wait to present it. Nerves? What nerves?)

So next time you are about to give a presentation, stop and check you are being sticky enough…  it will make all the difference.

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