In my short book ‘Help! I’ve Got A Presentation Coming Up’ (the ultimate guide to stress-free presenting), I have drawn on my own experience as a nervous presenter and the lessons I learned to become a more confident and engaging speaker.

One of the turning points for me was when I realised I need to stop buying in to the myth of ‘the natural’: you know the one, that presenters are born not made.

For many years, I would admire (or envy, really) those people who made public speaking and presenting seem effortless.  I would beat myself up for being so awful at it as I stammered and blushed my way through each important presentation.

What is covered in the book?

In the book, I cover some simple ideas and templates to save you time and worry when you have a presentation coming up.

There are 4 sections to cover everything you will need to give a powerful presentation, including:

  • How to create content quickly using a simple structure template
  • Ideas to engage your audience and get into rapport straight away
  • Exercises and practical tips to manage your nerves so they work for you on the day
  • Understand audience attention cycles and how to make things memorable for them

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