Businessmen ask for help , one is redThere is a world of difference between getting in the right state and getting in ‘a right state’ and that is what I will be covering in my next 30-minute webinar at 12noon (BST) on 15th June. If you would like to join me to learn ideas to feel more confident for your next presentation, you can sign-up by clicking here.

If you find yourself getting in a state that isn’t the one you would like to be in there are three areas you can change to help you:

1. Change your focus – when we fear something we almost exclusively focus on what we don’t want to happen.  The first shift in state starts by managing your mental focus onto what you want to happen.

2. Connect your emotions to a positive memory – think of a time where you felt relaxed, confident and calm and revisit that experience in your mind.

3. Adjust your posture – when we are feeling anxious, our posture is very different to when we are feeling confident.  Simply adopting the posture of confidence will impact on your mood.

We will be covering each of these areas in more detail on the webinar so you can apply them each time you give a presentation, so please join me on Wednesday 15th June at 12.00 noon