gnitneserp? Are you guilty?

If you’re not sure, here are the main symptoms:

  • you don’t engage an audience when you give presentations
  • you can’t prepare your content quickly
  • you don’t get the results you want when you stand up and speak in public
  • you scare yourself about this presentation days or even weeks beforehand

What is gnitneserp?  It’s ‘presenting‘ back-to-front.  Approaching it the wrong way around.

There are many versions of it… planning content by focusing on your interests alone; or firing up powerpoint to create your presentation; or reminding yourself how nervous you get whenever you think about presenting?

And the results are usually not great.  So what can you do to start the right way round?  Here are 3 top tips:

1. Win-Win Perspectives

Be clear on why you are presenting (ie. your ‘Win’) but before you go any further planning what to say, take a moment to think about your audience’s interests (their ‘Win’).  Mentally imagine you are them, sitting in your presentation… What would be a good result for them?  What would make the time spent listening to you a good use of their time?  Sretneserp don’t do this step.  They just consider what they are interested in.

2. Off-line Planning

A great tip here from Steve Jobs of Apple, who always planned in analogue first before moving to the computer to create his visuals.  Before going near a powerpoint, keynote or prezi, brainstorm off-line to develop good ideas, then create your visual slides or support (and you may well find you don’t want to use slides at all to really get your point across well).  Again, sretneserp don’t bother to think first, they just build bullets.

3. Positive Anticipation

This is often easier said that done – but with practice this becomes a great habit to adopt.  Try to imagine your presentation going really well and (especially if you usually tend to get nervous), actually look forward to it.  I work with many clients on their nerves and the key is to manage your mental state so that you don’t get overwhelmed with adrenaline.  Unlike sretneserp who only remind themselves that they will be nervous or how the presentation will go badly.

So next time you have a presentation coming up, make sure your gnitneserp is the right way around.

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