How can you be sure you have content that is going to have the desired effect on your audience when you are preparing your next presentation?

AIDA is an acronym that has been used by the advertising industry for many years now as the requirements for a powerful advert – and it is just as relevant to use to make your next presentation more engaging.

It stands for:

A         Attention

I           Interest

D         Desire

A         Action

Here’s how you can apply it when preparing your next presentation:

A = Attention

You automatically have people’s attention when you start a presentation – the trick is to keep people listening by having an interesting opening.  You want to stir people.

So, when you are planning your content, think about what will hook people’s attention to keep them wanting more? It may be a question that makes people think, a prop or problem that arouses their curiosity or a story that they will find entertaining.

I = Interest     

Keep things interesting throughout your talk so people don’t switch off.  You can do this by involving your audience, even if is by asking them rhetorical questions – and keep it varied.

This can be through your tone of voice, stories you share, props you introduce, exercises you give the audience to consider or actually do (maybe in pairs and then debrief their experiences).  You can also vary things by sharing the stage with another presenter.

D = Desire     

This is based on your understanding of your audience and what they want.  What is their desired outcome from listening to you?  You need to make reference to this outcome or desired situation throughout your presentation and importantly, how your proposition or call to action can help them to achieve this outcome.

A = Action     

Be specific about what action you are proposing and HOW people need to act if they want to achieve their desired situation.  This is your ‘Call To Action’ – don’t bury it.  Be very clear about it.  Particularly at the end (or towards the end) of your presentation, you need to state your case or proposed solution and be direct about the next steps you want people to take.


So next time you are preparing content for an important meeting or presentation, think AIDA – so your message can sing out!

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