1-to-1 Coaching Online

To be sure of success when it really matters

Online Coaching Support

Working via zoom, we can meet to create, prepare and fine-tune the delivery of your presentation. Each session takes up to 2 hours - and most people prefer to have two sessions: one to co-create interesting content that will engage your audience, and a second session to do a run-through and final tweaks for the presentation, including useful mental preparation techniques.

Who Is It For

If you have an important presentation coming up, that you need to go really well, then a 1-1 coaching session will give you the confidence that you have a great talk planned, which you have learnt and feel comfortable to deliver on the day itself.

Have you got an important presentation coming up?

Together we will make your presentation successful. I will help you:


  • to feel confident and relaxed on the day of your presentation
  • co-create powerful content that immediately engages and maintains the interest of your audience
  • brainstorm ideas to add punch to your presentation and greater impact to your message
  • learn and rehearse your presentation and give you valuable feedback to enhance your delivery
  • create powerful visuals and slides that synchronise with your talk and add interest
  • understand how to manage and control your nerves to give your best performance on the day

1-1 Coaching Programme (4 hours) £500 +vat

What do other people think?

I wish I had been on this course 15 years ago and saved myself a lot of pain.

Nigel Bennett, Managing Director,

“Caroline’s course is quite simply superb. From the minute I arrived she demonstrated an understanding of exactly what was required. The sessions were enjoyable and I left with a skill which I can use again and again to gain more business. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of business and people makes her good at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline.”

Gillian Hunt, Managing Director
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