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If you have a presentation coming up, why not join Caroline on for a one-day workshop that will transform your presentation skills forever.

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About Caroline Hopkins

Caroline Hopkins works with professionals and business executives, teaching them how to present well, with more confidence and charisma and really connect with their audiences.

Her online programme is designed to transform people's skills in under 2 weeks - through an intensive online coaching programme which clients can complete from anywhere in the world with access to a computer and weblink.

“Caroline is outstanding - simple as that. A real empathy and intelligence in her approach that made her a real hit with our team. She's focused, committed and brings a lot more to the table than her core expertise. Would be delighted to commend her to anyone.”

Dougal Paver, Managing Partner, Paver Smith

The Killer Skill!

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Help! I’ve Got A Presentation Coming Up

3 Easy Steps to transform all your presentations

I realise that for many people, presentations are a source of stress and worry, but it doesn’t need to be this way because there are a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that will really help you to plan, prepare and rehearse so that you can be confident on the day that you will present well.

By the end of this short eBook (just 12 pages), you will have useful tips and ideas to help you prepare, create content and be mentally prepared to stand up and give a confident presentation.

The free eBook covers topics such as:

  • Some useful questions to help you create good content… quickly!
  • An nlp technique to mentally prepare
  • How to use your voice, movement and words together
  • What to do your hands and how to stand
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